Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How does cork leather wear compared to animal leather?

A. Very similarly. Just like with animal leather, there are varying degrees of quality with cork leather. Given the same use, you can expect a good quality cork product to wear as long as you would expect the same product to last in animal leather.


Q. What happens if my cork product gets wet?

A. By nature, cork is stain resistant and antimicrobial. Getting wet should not hurt your product, in fact, many of our products are machine washable.


Q. How do I care for my cork product?

A. Wipe it with a wet cloth  or if stained, try an alcohol wipe to clean it. 


Q. Where does cork come from?

A. Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree. The bark  is removed about every 9 years. Depending on the age of the tree, the bark is then punched into wine corks or boiled, flattened, and sliced and made into thin sheets. The sheets are then adhered to a backing making it suitable for as "fabric" or "cork leather".


Q. Can cork leather be embroidered?

A. Yes! We embroider designs and letters on many of our products.


Q. I see you've painted on some of your products, will it come off in the rain?

A. No, we use a paint that once dried is permanent.


Q. Can cork be laser engraved?

A. Yes! We laser engrave many of our products. Like any other material being engraved, you must be careful of the settings you are using.


Q. Does it float?

A. That depends on the product. Take a wine stopper and throw it in water and it will float. We've experimented with our hats and yes it floats! Our sunglasses, sadly, did not float...too much plastic. An empty purse might float. Take a handbag full of your personal items and we would not recommend that it be used as a floatation device. Our new fishing bobbers and lures definitely will float.