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Introducing Wave Chasers: Sustainable Sunglasses that Float

Hey there water lovers and sun-seekers, I am thrilled to introduce you to Wave Chasers sunglasses by Texas Cork Company - your new go-to shades for style, sustainability, and a splash of innovation. Let's dive in and explore how these sunglasses are making waves!

Most of us know that UV rays are dangerous and can cause things like skin cancer. When you go out to float the river or to the beach for the day, you may even be good about applying sunscreen, but how often do you think about your eyes? The sun's UV rays can also cause significant eye damage — especially when you're out on the water. When UV rays hit the Earth's surface, they reflect off of surfaces, thus increasing your potential exposure. Unlike other surfaces like grass or asphalt, which reflect just 3% and 25% of UV rays respectively, water can actually reflect more than 95% of UV rays (Read more about surface reflectance of different materials). Yet, according to The Vision Council, only 49% of Americans wear sunglasses when near a body of water. 

Picture this scene: You've gone to the lake with some friends for the weekend. You're out on a boat and you take off your sunglasses to apply sunscreen to your face. Suddenly, a wave rocks the boat and you hear the unfortunate sound of something plastic sliding off the edge of the boat and splashing into the water. You lean over, to watch your favorite shades sink into the lake below. Now imagine that those sunglasses came with the $250+ price tag often carried by luxury eyewear brands and it starts to make sense why so many people avoid wearing sunglasses near water!

Our newest line of sustainable sunglasses, Wave Chasers, offers a refreshing alternative to traditional plastic-laden shades. Wave Chasers have frames crafted with bamboo and a sleek cork veneer. Due to the natural buoyancy of both bamboo and cork, Wave Chasers float in both salt and fresh water! So no more awkward buoys or straps to keep your sunglasses afloat, and no need for bulky air-injected frames looking like they came strait out of a sci-fi film. If your Wave Chasers happen to fall into the water, simply wait for them to return to the surface and fish them back out!

Wave Chasers also sport polarized and UV400 lenses that provide enhanced visibility and full-spectrum protection for your eyes so you can relax and fully enjoy those days out on the water under the sun! Priced under $50, Wave Chasers are not only easy on the eyes and on the planet, but also friendly to your budget. So you'll no longer need to be afraid to wear your sunglasses near the water. Stop protecting your sunglasses and let them protect you!

My family loves all types of water activities so I can't count the number of times I have seen people lose eyewear to the water. However, not everyone enjoys going out on the water, and if that’s you, you’re probably thinking Wave Chasers might not be a good fit for you. Au contraire my friend! Even if you've never watched your shades sink to the bottom of a lake, more likely than not you have lost or broken your sunglasses within the last year. Am I right? The Vision Council reports that more than 55% of Americans lose or break at least one pair of shades every year! And like other plastic products, even when properly disposed of, many of those lost and broken sunnies end up in our waterways, especially the ocean.

In a study by the World Economic Forum, it was suggested that by 2050, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Thankfully, the eyewear industry at large is taking steps to reduce their role in plastic pollution as many companies have begun releasing more sustainable alternatives. For example, recently some brands are offering sunglasses made from recycled plastics retrieved from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

However, I am going to argue that this is not as warm and fuzzy as it sounds. We just learned that sunglasses frequently get lost or broken, meaning that they are commonly discarded and therefore a common pollutant. So while making sunglasses from recycled plastics is better than making them with new plastics, let's not forget that they are still made of plastic - a material with a notorious reputation for finding its way back into the environment. Additionally, some of these brands are capitalizing on the growing consumer desire for planet-friendly products and are charging a premium for the story behind using recycled ocean trash, with some price tags coming in at a whopping $180+ (more than 3X the price of a pair of Wave Chasers WITH a foldable cork case!).

Now, let me remind you, Wave Chasers frames are made with natural bamboo and cork, both of which are renewable and biodegradable resources. So if they get lost or broken and end up in a landfill (or back in our waterways), the natural materials will degrade significantly faster than any plastics. So even if you’re not a water person, Wave Chasers are for you if you enjoy affordably sustainable style!

As you slip on a pair of Wave Chasers, not only are you shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays, but you're also making a statement - a statement that says no to plastic pollution and yes to eco-friendly innovation. With each wear, you become a part of the solution, riding the wave of change towards a brighter, cleaner tomorrow all while looking effortlessly cool under the sun.

So, join us on this journey as we set sail with Wave Chasers, redefining what it means to be stylish and sustainable.  Together, we can make a splash, one pair of shades at a time.

Catch the Wave, Chase the Change. 🌊🕶️

Breanne Harty, PhD
Texas Cork Company - CEO

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